How to measure golf club length

How To Measure Golf Club Length

In this how to guide we explain how to measure golf club length from home using a tape measure or a 48 inch ruler. This method can be used for your driver, fairway woods or irons.

  1. Position your golf club

    Take your golf club and set it on the ground, flat like you would be setting up to hit a golf ball. Make sure you have a flat surface or piece of ground.

  2. Where to measure

    Now take your measuring tape and place it right behind the club. Your measuring tape should touch the surface and run up against the hosel and shaft to the end of the grip cap.

  3. Record your measurement

    Take the measurement to the top of the grip cap that is how to measure golf club length using a tape measure or 48 inch ruler.

This is the exact same process whether you are measuring any club in the bag from a wedge all the way up to a driver. If you would like to compare the length of your golf clubs to standard golf club lengths then use the table in the article.

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