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standard golf club length

Standard Golf Club Length

A common question we get asked at Ecaddie is “what are standard golf club lengths?”. We have put together the table below for men’s standard ... Read more


Basic Shaft Specifications – Part 1

Introduction There are so many shafts to choose from. Different brands, models, colours, dimensions, weights, flexes, torques, bend profiles and not to mention different prices! ... Read more

Marking your golf ball

Marking your golf ball

Etiquette for marking your ball. It is important to keep your etiquette on and around the putting greens in tip top shape. Learn the correct ... Read more

Golf grip size guide

Types of golf grips

How to grip your golf club is just as important, or even more so than any aspect of your golf swing. Your grip on the ... Read more

Buying your first set of golf clubs

Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs

There are options just for you Golf has many participants of different skill levels. Golf clubs manufacturers create clubs catering to beginners, intermediate and professionals ... Read more

Golf scoring system

Golf Scoring System

Introduction to the golf scoring system The golf scoring system is very straight forward when compared to other sports. In this introduction to golf scoring ... Read more

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