standard golf club length

Standard Golf Club Length

A common question we get asked at Ecaddie is “what are standard golf club lengths?”. We have put together the table below for men’s standard golf club lengths as well as for women’s standard golf club lengths. Refer to this table before cutting your new shafts when reshafting your clubs.

IronShaft length for menShaft length for women
3-iron39 inches38 inches
4-iron38.5 inches37.5 inches
5-iron38 inches37 inches
6-iron37.5 inches36.5 inches
7-iron37 inches36 inches
8-iron36.5 inches35.5 inches
9-iron36 inches35 inches
Standard Iron Shaft Length

If you are better fitted for longer shafts, add 0.5″ to 1″ to the above standard iron lengths. If you are better fitted for shorter clubs then subtract 0.5″ to 1″ from the above standard iron lengths.

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