Custom painted golf clubs

How To Custom Paint Golf Clubs

In this how to guide we explain how to paint-fill the letters and numbers on the head of an iron, wedge or putter head. If you are looking to custom paint golf clubs such as changing the paint colour of the letters or numbers or even if you want to restore the paint of the loft number on your wedge then this guide will help you get the job done.

Materials you will need include:

Time needed: 2 hours

Custom Paint Golf Clubs

  1. Clean golf clubs and remove any loose paint

    Clean thoroughly with hot soapy water, using a medium bristle brush. Remove any loose paint, hard caked mud or dirt in the grooves. Refer to Ecaddie’s how to clean golf clubs guide for tips on how to clean your golf clubs properly.

  2. Dry golf clubs before applying paint

    Make sure the area is 100% dry before applying the paint.

  3. Apply paint

    Apply the paint liberally to the desired area. This can be applied over any existing paint on the club. Now, fill a small plastic container with a small amount of white spirit.

  4. Wipe the painted area

    Using soft tissue, fold several times to make a small pad and dip into the white spirit. Wipe lightly and quickly in a diagonal direction to the area painted.

  5. Wait for the paint to dry

    The paint should be touch dry in about 30 minutes, depending on the room temperature and humidity. Allow 6 hours for paint to fully cure before using the clubs.

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