Putter Grip Guide

When it comes to your putter, its all about confidence. We have all heard the pros emphasise that putting is where it counts. Subsequently, being confident behind your golf ball on the green is vital. Being comfortable with your putter directly translates to that confidence and exposure needed to make your putts count. The biggest contributing factor to your confidence is how you hold your putter’s grip. This includeds how comfortable it feels in your hands.

Putter Grip Sizes

There are many variations, sizes, diameters and desities of putter grips on the market today. Choosing a grip that sits right in your hand is key to not only getting the most out of your putter, however also in building a connection in where you enjoy putting.

Putter sizes include, standard, more narrow diameters, pistol grips, slim (don’t always feel so slim), scaled versions of the slim, jumbo, super jumbo and more. Different putter brands may adopt different names to represent the sizes available, however all that matters is that you understand how they scale. Just as the size of your swing grips play an essential role in your performance throughout your fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges, your putter too should not be overlooked. Depending on your hand size, putting style and tendencies, it is highly recommeded you aquire a putter grip that suits you.

Grip Weighting

You can be quick to dismiss a putter due to its weight or ‘feel’. Many golfers fail to realise the influence the putter’s grip has on these aspects.Most aftermarket grips are weighted to suit the golfer’s needs and some even have adjustable weight inserts at the top of the handle. This enables golfers to really modify their grip to drastically change how their putter feels.

Regripping is easy!

The process of regripping your putter is just as straightforward as regripping the rest of your clubs. The method requires no additional equipment or tools.

Do not forget to protect your putter from bag chatter with a headcover. Headcovers also add some personality to your bag. Your putter is an extension of you on the greens. Having a putter you enjoy, a grip you like to hold, a headcover you like to look at and a pretty face when you take it off, will have you putting better and lowering your scorecard!

Ecaddie’s store has a range of different putter sizes and colours. You will also find all the supplies needed to get the job done! Feel free to browse our range of putter grips on our store. Improve your fondness and confidence in your putter on the greens!

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