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Golf Gloves: Why You Should Wear One

Reasons why you should wear a golf glove

So you’re new to golf and find your grip is slipping during your sessions on the driving range . Are your hands sweating? Any new blisters on your thumb? You may have noticed other golfers wearing a golf glove and found yourself missing one of your own. Wearing a glove is not uncommon in sports where you have to hold a bat. Baseball is another sport where wearing a glove is commonplace and there are a few reasons for this.

Improves your grip

The golf glove is designed from textured materials that prevent slipping, resulting in a sticky surface. This surface, when combined with your golf clubs grips which are often have high tackiness. As a result, our hand and golf club are attached firmly, with less chance of slipping. Equally important to having a quality golf glove is having appropriate grips on your golf clubs.

Added control and performance

A better grip establishes your connection to your golf club. It is very important that you have complete control of your golf club through your swing and during impact with the golf ball. When your grip slips fractionally, the club face alignment at impact with the ball may be open or closed. Any micro changes in your club faces direction on impact will alter the trajectory of the golf ball. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the common reasons golfers can witness their shots going left or right of where you want them to go.

A golf glove protects your hands

Golf is a sport that requires hours of practice. Beyond the practice requirement, golf is extremely fun and addictive. Finding yourself spending two hours on the driving range, hitting 100 golf balls is not difficult. Doing so can be strenuous on your hands, resulting in blisters which are best prevented with a golf glove.

Keeps your hands dry

The interior lining of a golf glove is designed to be absorbant of all the moisture and sweat that forms on your hand. Less moisture means less slippage and more control.

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