Importance of regripping your golf clubs

Why You Should Regrip Your Golf Clubs

The importance of regripping your golf clubs

Choosing the correct golf grip will drastically improve the control you have while swinging your golf club. You will have more confidence standing over the ball and a chance at hitting your ball.. on the fairway. Don’t be the guy or girl with worn grips, smooth as a babies bottom, standing on the first tee box in front of your friends or worse, a potential client you trying to impress. Your grips are too small for your hand size and swing tempo. You know you need something bigger to hold and grip on to. Going through your practice swings you have thoughts of losing control of your club and it ends up 30 yards in front of you. If this is you then you need to regrip your golf clubs. Not only will you have more confidence but you will have no anxiety during your round of golf or practice session on the driving range.

The importance of regripping your golf clubs is a topic seldom discussed amongst golfers. During the golfing season, your grips on your golf clubs slowly become worn or damaged. Sweat, dirt and oils from sun cream degrade the condition of your grips. On a side note it is important to clean your grips after 5 to 10 rounds of golf (or when necessary). Our guide on how to clean your golf clubs will assist you to get the job done properly. Gradually over time, worn grips have an impact on your ability to control the club, loss of confidence and weaker scores on your scorecard.

Benefits of new grips


When you grip your golf club, you are essentially creating a connection between both yourself and the club. A secure grip on your club throughout your swing’s takeaway, downswing, impact and follow through will result in greater control. This control translates into better accuracy and power.


Being comfortable during your swing is another immediate benefit of a new grip. A good grip should feel natural and tacky allowing you to focus on your swing and not on the discomfort of the grip. You will enjoy your round of golf more.


Regripping your clubs is a great way to freshen up the aethetics of your golf bag. New, clean grips will have you feeling confident in your equipment and subconsciously will have a positive psychological impact on your performance.


Regripping your golf clubs can be an enjoyable DIY project. Upgrading your hardware in your bag is a learning experience. You get to play with different grip feels by tweaking your setup. Add a few extra layers of tape underneath your grips, experiment and find out what works for you. You can follow our easy step by step guide on how to regrip your golf clubs. The guide explains both the methodology and supplies needed to regrip your clubs. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, there are many golf shops and pro shops offer this service.

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