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Shaft flex: What you should know to improve your game

Introduction to shaft flex

Shaft flex relates to how much the shaft flexes during the golf swing, using the correct shaft will give you greater consistency, help you to hit straighter and improve your score.

Two Principal Elements that determine correct shaft selection:

Swing speed

One of the most important things in determining which flex is right for you is knowing your swing speed. Looking at your swing speed can provide a general guideline in helping you determine which shaft flex you should be playing. You should consider that your swing speed for your irons might not extrapolate perfectly to driver, so while a certain flex might be right in some clubs, this might not be the case in others.

Have a read through our 2 part shaft selection series for a more indepth look at shaft specifications to help you select the right shaft for your game.

Shaft Flex selection by Golf Swing Speeds

  1. Under 75 mph – Ladies flex or Senior flex.
  2. 75 to 95 mph – Regular flex.
  3. 95 to 110 mph – Stiff flex.
  4. 110 mph and up – Stiff or Extra Stiff.


Tempo is defined as the elapsed time for your golf swing from back swing to follow through. Players with a slower speed tempo will tend to need a  lighter shaft when those with a faster tempo.

Slower Tempo – lighter shaft –  60 grams

Faster Tempo  – heavier shaft – 70 grams

An exception to this rule involves some players that have a slower tempo’s and start the swing slowly but tend to have an aggressive striking transition at the ball, this  creates a higher bending force on the shaft and therefore those  players will benefit from a heavier shaft.

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