strength training for golf

Strength training for golf

Understanding the importance of physical training

If you have any intentions of seriously improving your golf and getting better stats across your irons and driver, strength training should be a part of your weekly regiment. As in any sport, the professionals are athletes. In order to perform at the best of your ability, a fitness routine and strength training programme should be adopted. Designed to maximise your performance in your selected sport, your training programme should focus on all the aspects that play a factor or directly improve your ability to perform in your sport.

Training regiment

The training regiment you follow will largely depend on the areas of your game you intend on improving. Golf combines multiple components all which have their place in the overall sport of golf. Developing your driving ability is different to increasing stats for your irons. For example, putting requires you to train for stability. This is very different to explosive strength building to drive further. Traditional golf training is very different from something such as long drive. Long drive is a highly dynamic and explosive sport within the world of golf. Regardless of what area of your game you want to improve on, you should possess some form of training programme. If you do not have one, and if you have real intentions of improving and reducing the numbers on your scorecard, you are only doing yourself a disservice!

Conditioning and strength training for golf

Increasing your overall muscular development and body strength will directly improve your distances and your control. Strength training may be more static however it will create the foundation needed to excel. Training to create stability, practice swing techniques and improve overall fluidity in your swing are more dynamic in nature. A training programme for golfers should incorporate both of these aspects.


Golf is extremely fun. Although you may not notice yourself getting tired during your 9 hole or 18 hole round, your performance and consistency in your swing and your shots will most definitely be hindered. Your swings are explosive, generating a lot of energy. Throughout your round, you may take up to 50 full swing shots in a two hour window. Do not be mistaken, golf requires fitness!


When we talk about nutrition, we are talking specifically about eating to maximise the results from the time and effort you put into your training programme. Eating performance foods on the golf course to ensure you have enough energy and replenish your sugars and salts is also not to be overlooked. A nutrition programme designed for your body type, structure, output and activity is equally or more important than the training itself.

Where to start

Now that you understand the basic concepts, well where do you start? Ecaddie explores each of the above mentioned components surrounding strength training in golf and long drive. Our resources will provide golfers who are serious about their training, access to the best information, detailed modular programmes, nutrition guides and more. Whatever your goal, make sure your applied effort is maximised!

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