Drones in golf

Drones in golf: A new wave of creativity

Drones changing how we view the sport

Drones are one of the most underappreciated tools changing the quality in which we consume golf footage. When you kick your feet up on the weekend, crack open a cold one with the boys and turn on the golf, I am sure you’ve found yourself wondering: how are they filming this from the sky. Helicopters? birds? Ever since entering the mainstream in the videography industry, drones have produced jaw-dropping video footage of the immaculate golf courses hosting tournaments all over the world. Providing a new appreciation for course management and the beauty of golf, drone footage is here to stay.

Making it all possible

Nowadays, no matter who your favourite golf Youtuber is, they use drones to create great looking golf content. Although these channels make drone footage appear smooth and stable, the ability to do this requires a skilled drone pilot. Operating the controls behind piloting your drone – an expensive piece of equipment – takes hours of practice. Also to note, operating drones requires permission permits and licences detemined by your local authority. Depending on where you live in the world, requiring these documents and the extent of legislation may complicate the process. Due to the costs and formalities associated with flying a drone (even just around your local golf course), this skill is often outsourced to professionals all ready to go.

The future of drones in golf

Despite being prodominantly used in commercial settings, drones have become increasingly accessible to the everyday golfer with a spectrum of different varieties that cater to less professional settings. If you have the extra change and time, getting drone ready could be an option to you and your friends on the course.

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