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Need New Golf Grips?

New golf grips and where to start

So you read the importance of regripping your golf clubs and have decide you need new golf grips. Below you will find a few different options available that will match your hand size, swing style and the way you grip your golf clubs. There are five main golf grip sizes to choose from.

  • Women’s Standard
  • Undersize
  • Men’s Standard
  • Midsize
  • Jumbo

Once you have read through the below guide and have determined your grip size, head over to golf grip size measurements to learn more about grip size measurements, common shaft butt diameters and where to locate the grip core size label on your new grips. This is a must read before you are ready to regrip your clubs!

Women’s Standard and Undersize

Women’s standard and junior undersized grips are among the smallest grips available on the market. These grips are better suited for Ladies or younger golfers who have smaller hands or limited hand strength.

Men’s Standard

The Men’s standard grip size is by far the most common grip size found on golf clubs. This is because this size is suitable for most golfers. It is important to note that undersized and oversized grips are referenced relative to the standard grip size.


  • Allows the player to play with better feel when compared to Midsize or Jumbo grips.
  • Men’s standard grips are by far the most cost effective with most outlets carrying stock.

Midsize or Jumbo grips

“Oversize grips”, commonly referred to as Midsize and Jumbo grips have become significantly more popular over the years. The wider diameter of the grip not only allows for a more comfortable connection to the club but also justifies a less strong grip. The oversize grip size is ideal for golfers with bigger hands. A common issue with golfers with too small a grip is that they tend to apply too much pressure on the grip during the swing. Excess wrist movement or “turning over” at impact can lead to reduced control and wayward ball strikes.


  • Playing a large grip will help you apply less pressure to the golf club, helping reduce tension and aiding control.
  • Larger grips are also preferred for players who struggle with wrist or hand pain. Providing additional cushioning and support, Jumbo grips can help reduce the strain applied to the wrists. This is notably helpful for golfers that have arthritis.
  • Wide variety of grip sizes available. JumboMax JMX UltraLite™ XL used by Bryson deChambeau captain of LIV Golf’s GC Crushers team is a good example of a Jumbo size grip. There are multiple sizes available above 0.960″

Final thoughts

Selecting the right grip size for your golf clubs will lead to a significant improvement in your overall golfing experience. Playing the correct size grip brings added comfortability and improved performance leading you to feel more confident over the ball. This should also lead to better scores during your round… hopefully.

It is important to remember not everyone’s goal is to get better or compete. Choosing the most appropriate grip size for you, may enable you to continue enjoying the wonderful game of golf for years to come.

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