grip size measurement

Golf Grip Size Measurement

Introduction to grip sizes

When selecting a new grip during a fitting or if you are replacing your current grips on your own accord, golf grip size measurement is an important factor to consider. Choosing the correct golf grip size will improve your control with the golf club. You will also be more comfortable and have more confidence swinging your golf club. This should lead to better scores during your round… hopefully. There are a few different options available that will match your hand size, swing style and the way you grip your golf clubs. There are five main golf grip sizes to choose from.

  • Women’s Standard
  • Undersize
  • Men’s Standard
  • Midsize
  • Jumbo

This article assumes that you already know the grip size best suited for you (standard, midsize etc). If you don’t then read this guide before moving on.

Understanding your golf grip size measurement, common butt sizes and where to locate the grip core size label will help you better understand what grips you are being fitted for or help you select the correct grip for your club if you are buying and fitting grips on your own accord. If you are a “feel” player and always wondered why the same grip would feel great on one yet not quite as good on another club then this article is for you. In our opinion not enough attention is given to this aspect of grip installation!

Grip Size Measurement

Using Calipers, measure the grip diameter 2″ down from the top of the grip cap. Referring to the below golf grip size guide will help you determine your current grip size.

GripGrip diameter
Women’s Standard0.850″
Men’s Standard0.900″
Midsize0.915″ to 0.945″
Grip size measurement chart

Common Butt Diameter Sizes

Knowing your butt size… no not that butt, but the butt diameter size of your golf shaft is important to note because you will want to match the butt diameter measurement as closely as possible with the core size of the golf grip. The butt end of the shaft is the end where the grip is installed. Our shaft guide article will teach you everything you need to know about shafts (almost everything). The most common butt sizes are:

  • 0.580″
  • 0.600″
  • 0.610″

Grip Core Size

Example of the grip core size label location

The grip core size can be located towards the mouth of the grip on the inside lip. They are usually indicated by a number and a letter designation.

  • Examples (L56, M60, 60R, 60X)
  • “L” or “M” to indicate Ladies or Men’s
  • “R” to indicate Round
  • “X” commonly used by Golf Pride to indicate a Ribbed Grip.

Putting it all together

So taking the above information into account, it then becomes easier to select the correct golf grip size for your club. To install a Men’s standard size grip, match the shaft butt diameter to the grip core size, for example:

  • M58 (0.580″) grip on a 0.580″ shaft (butt diameter)
  • R60 (0.600″) grip on a 0.600″ shaft (butt diameter)

It is possible to interchange a core grip with a different butt size, for example installing a R60 core grip size onto a 0.580″ shaft butt, but what you need to know is that by doing this you are creating an undersize grip. Conversely, installing a R58 core grip size onto a 0.600″ shaft butt will create an oversized grip. Something to keep in mind is that some shafts can taper down the shaft (bigger butts) so even if the grip core size and butt diameter is the same, the bottom of the grip can feel different.

You absolutely should learn how to regrip your golf clubs and begin to explore different grip sizes and tape build ups!

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