FPV drones for golf

FPV drones for golf

Types of drones available

So you have seen the hype sorrounding drones and the amazing footage they can produce on the golf course. You have some spare cash and decide you are going to invest in a drone of your own. Not so fast! First, we need to talk about FPV drones vs commercial drones, the types and which one might be best for you.

Commercial drones are exactly what they suggest – intended for commercial use. Companies that offer commercial drones try and offer their products in a way that is “plug and play”. This refers to the consumer recieving easy installation and configuration prior to getting the drone up in the air.

Commercial Drones

Video Transmission

You may immediately think of big VR goggles when you hear the word drone, however this is not necessarily the case. Commercial drone options usually come with built in screens on the remote controller. They also can come with the option to utilise your phone as the screen. The cameras attached to the front or bottom of the drone allow the pilot to see where they are flying. Yep, pretty cool indeed. Video transmission through VR goggles is not uncommon on commercial drones although you must remember that such variations are usually more technical and ofcourse – more expensive.

Stabilisation features

Commercial drones often come with built-in stabilisation software. This software allows the drone to self-stabilise its axis in order to ensure smooth flying. Over the years the development of this software has branched out to other advanced features such as self-landing. Auto pilot and the ability for the drone to fly itself back home are also common features. Such software was developed to make the piloting of drones as risk free as possible. All of these features make commercial drones viable for the average Joe.

FPV drones for golf: to be or not to be?

FPV drones or “first person view” drones cater towards more tech savvy enthusiasts that have more experience within the drone piloting community. As the name suggests, FPV drones provide a more immersive experience. This is done prodominatly through two things: the pre-mentioned VR goggles in order to transmit video image as well as the removal of all the assist software included in the commercial variants. This gives experienced pilots the freedom to fly however and wherever they want without restriction.

Risks to note

FPV drones are designed to give the pilot freedom and more maneuverability. Obviously, this comes with significant risks to the integrity of your drone as any wrong move or mistake could see your drone taking expensive damage. Piloting a FPV drone without any stabilisation features on the 8th hole after a couple beers might not be the smartest thing to do. High stakes flying if you will. The risks are however offset by the potential for the incredible aerial footage you can achieve through whizzing around like a bird in the sky.

Keeping it brief

If you are a golfer interested in drones or perhaps you are the one in your friend group who prefers to watch from the cart, you will most likely want to start with a commercial drone option. Commercial drones produce some amazing footage and have a selection of affordable options from a variety of manufacturers. FPV drones are not going to be the best option for the average golfer looking to get some creative shots for their whatsapp group chat.

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