Northern Golf Lead Tape For Golf Clubs – 12mm x 100 Inches – Self adhesive / Easy Mold To Shape / Increases Swing Weight


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The Northern Golf Lead tape is a must have for any avid golfer looking to improve their swing. This tape is a simple and effective way to increase the swing weight of your golf club, giving you more control and power with each shot. Adding weight can aid clubhead performance.

  • Self Adhesive: The tape features a high-quality self adhesive that makes it easy to apply and ensures it stays in place.
  • Easy Mold To Shape: The tape can be easily molded into any shape, allowing you to customise the weight distribution of your club head according to your preferences.
  • Increase Swing Weight: By adding weight to your golf club with this lead tape, you can increase its swing weight for more power on every shot.

Product Description:

  • 12mm x 100 inches total length
  • 10 inches of lead tape = 8 grams