Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align Midsize Grips – Grey / Red


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Golf Pride Align MCC Plus 4 – Consistent Hand placement for consistent results


Align technology ensures proper, consistent hand placement through a distinctively textured ridge at the back of the grip, which rises and extends once installed on a shaft. Heightened clubface awareness throughout the swing promotes a square club face both at address and impact.


  • Larger Lower Hand – The larger outside diameter simulates the feel of building up the grip with four extra wraps. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.
  • All-Weather Control – Our exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord fuses moisture-wicking cotton fibers into a new soft rubber material for added stability in any conditions.
  • Maximum Surface Texture – Engineered for softer feel and strategically placed for high traction. A soft micro-texture increases traction and comfort, while texture placement is ideal for maximum hand coverage.




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