Northern Golf Deluxe Putting Cup


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Northern Golf Deluxe Putting Cup

  • Fits in a standard golf hole
  • Base weight means it is perfect for being used in a home/office environment on a putting mat
  • Horseshoe shape with a 2.75″ opening
  • Aids golfer in visualising the correct line of putt
  • Colour: Black
How to use your multifunctional Northern Golf Putting Cup?

The deluxe putting cup can be used for target practice at both home or on the putting green. This distinctive horseshoe design creates a smaller opening gap (2.75″) in comparison to a standard golf hole (4.25″). As a result, this feature encourages you to improve your accuracy and pace in order to sink more putts. The smaller opening feature also provides you with a mental advantage heading to the greens as the official holes will appear larger.