Wellputt Mat 8m X 95cm – High Speed Green


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Wellputt mats are designed to train, develop putting skills and allow you not just to putt but to learn to putt well.
More than 50 training exercise and instructions available via Wellputt app.
All aspects of a putting stroke can be developed including alignment, touch, length and speed.

For training centres or large houses. Become a putting master with this exclusive unique putting mat!
Developed to perform on long distance putts beyond 16ft.
Reach every time the safe zone of 3ft!

  • 8m x 95cm
  • Ultimate tool for long putts
  • Allows you to train and develop your putting skills
  • Training exercises and instructions available via Wellputt app for IOS & android
  • Alignment line for putting face helps you orient your body by matching the putter face
  • Stroke guide lines for the direction
  • Eye position marker to help you in your position, Approved by Cameron McCormick
  • Available in High Speed which has a roll Speed of 10ft/11.5ft

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Weight18 kg
Dimensions37.5 × 26 × 100 cm